Spanish Spano makes 780 hp supercar

The car is equipped with an 8.3 liter supercharged V-10. Such power and performance would definitely impress anyone who would be watching. From 0 to hundred, it takes less than 3 seconds. In fact, it only need 2.9.

Sento Pallardo, a native of the town the car was made designed the exterior panels and the chassis which uses mainly titanium, carbon fiber and Kevlar, which gives it a robust and resilient body as well as some very impressive curves and durability. The car is fitted with its rear engine with 20 inch tyres to carry the car up to speed and comes fitted with an automatic or gated manual transmission with a 7 speed paddle shifter. To say the least, there are only 99 of these Spanos available sold at about RM2.3 million each, but with its nicely fitted leather and wood interior and the sheer performance, it would be worth every sen.