Stylish and eco-friendly elemnets in the Civic Hybrid

Priced at RM129,980, the Honda Civic Hybrid would be one of the most revolutionary cars you would ever drive. After all, while many has jumped on the Toyota Prius bandwagon which of late has been facing some problems themselves, perhaps the Honda enthusiasts will tell you that the Civic Hybrid might be your answer to eco-friendliness and such. As compared to the Civic 2.0S, this car is about RM1,180 more but it surely would be a great choice if you like what the Civic has to offer as well as having a heart for the environment.

Coming in 2 colours called the Neutron Blue Metallic as well as the Premium White Pearl, the ones you get currently have since been face-lifted a while ago. The car is 4,540mm wide, 1,750 high with a wheelbase of 1,430mm. Inside the hybrid is where you get a ‘clean’ look, unlike the more aggressive and homely offerings of the Type R or the standard Civic versions. The car comes with the 1.3, 4 Cylinder SOHC i-VTEC with IMA system which comes with a 95 horsepower capabilities. It is mated with the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearbox.

The CVT makes a lot of difference with the driving as it provides, as stated a smooth continous system which you will surely not feel any sort of bumps of jerks during gear change. As the car is not an overly powered one, you would not expect it to be the typical ‘Civic’ kind of acceleration but they have also fitted in the standard ABS and airbags in front, on the side as well as curtain sides too.

As a matter of fact, the Civic Hybrid, although not as popular as the Toyota Prius, do have what it takes to be one of the major vehicles in the hybrid segment and with the recent recall of the Toyota models, many buyers might just be turning over to get their hands on the Civic Hybrid.