Subaru goes loud and funky in Shanghai with new YellowGreen XV Crossover Concept

Put on show at the currently going on Shanghai Motor Show, Subaru showed off their ‘funkiness’ in their new XV concept crossover. The new crossover epitomizes the auto manuafacturer’s new design concept ‘Protren’ which is derived from the phrases ‘professional tool’ and ‘trendy design’. Coming with a enw bright yellow-green body work, it won’t get any louder than this for the Japanese car giant.

The XV Concept is a result of the company’s integration of ‘authentic functionality as a profession tool’ while they also absorbed an urban persona in its design. It comes with a  standard Subaru hexagon grille and its hawk-eye headlights while on the rear are its hexagonal concepts as well. It comes with Subaru’s own unique five-spoke alloy wheels with silver coloured spokes, black rims and blue caps which gives it a further contrasting colour scheme. The colour used here is known as ‘Electro Yellowgreen’ which is a new colour made specifically for this model and for display purposes only although it might just be included in the production model.

It also comes with a continuous glass sheet on the top with metallic and clear-finish rails. Inside the car, you get the luxurious looking white leather finish with the yellow-green scheme as well. It also comes with the Eyesight advanced driving assist system which as the name suggests is to provide better visual from its cameras outside the car. The XV Concept is 4,450 mm long, 1,800 mm wide and 1,620 mm tall, and a 2,635 mm wheelbase.Under the hood, it comes with a 2.0 liter Boxer engine, which is the one fitted in the Subaru Impreza STI and paired with a Lineartronic CVT transmission gearbox riding on its All-Wheel Drive system.

When this car gets into the market, it will surely be a great welcome in the segment as more and more automotive companies are looking to make inroads into this segment. The Mitsubishi ASX Crossover is one such example. Hence, it is quite a bold step for Subaru in entering this 5 seater market where they attempts to define the future of crossovers. But with its loud and funky colours in Shanghai, surely they are out to make a statement and it might just serve that very purpose.