Subaru Impreza WRX Hatchback – fast but falls short on handling

Subaru had recently launched their new 2009 WRX hatchback which they have set out to change the critics impression of the 2008 version which despite being a totally new model did not pick up as well as its previous models as many deemed it to be ‘too soft’ to compete in the market. Hence, Subaru gave the 2009 some minor changes to customize it for the competition.

Essentially, the new hatchback is somewhat borrowed from the various Subaru models and this is where they have put in totally new stuff in regards to performance. This means that it comes with better suspension systems, a new look as well as a new engine. it comes with a 2.5 liter Boxer turbocharged engine which gets you up to 265 horses. You will not accept any WRXs if they are not that fast. In fact, preliminary tests shown that the car gets you from zero to hundred in about 5.2 seconds. Of course, how you drive it within its 5 speed manual transmission gearbox does make a difference.

Even if it is an All Wheel Drive car, reviewers are still coming down hard on its handling because it understeers once you hit the limits and the curvier it gets, the worse it becomes. According to Subary, the suspension has been tightened up with larger anti-roll bars and dampers improved but apparently that has not been hugely successful yet.

Like it or not, this car might just be a bit too powerful for its body which might not work out very well for those who are in for the speed and acceleration. But then again, all WRX owners would surely be in for the speed and acceleration and the slightest touch of instability will put them off surely although they have tried to solve that using the VDC or Vehicle Dynamics Control System which typically is an ESC (Electronic Stability Control). Whatever the problems might be, you still cannot deny the authority the WRX commands on the road.