Subaru to show off the new Subaru XV concept in Shanghai

Coming soon at the Shanghai Motor Show is the new and upcoming and surely widely anticipated Subaru XV despite it being not one of the major automotive shows in the industry. But with so much to promise and show in the show, it seemed that Shanghai could very well be one of the major shows in the near future. According to Subaru, the new XV Concept is what they call a new generation for the crossover segment where it exudes the practicality of an exceptional SUV and remains stylish.

The theme of this crossover is ‘Enjoyment and Peace of Mind’ and with its history of high quality vehicles, it would most likely come with a boxer engine it is very much renowned for as well as an all-wheel drive system. They have only just released images of this vehicle so until Shanghai takes place, information is still very much limited but looking at what the picture suggests it would come with very nice looking frontal design and will typically be a four door vehicle.

The principal company for Subaru cars, Fuji Heavy Industries will showcase this new concept which they claimed to have been made for drivers who are looking for a vehicle that looks good as well as practical which is what the company has been marketing under the ‘Confidence in Motion’ brand statement of late.