Suzuki Jimny for the fun loving and tough drivers

Targeted at those who are looking for a fun and easy to drive SUV buyers,t he Jimny surely has all you would be expecting. In fact, this car looks good and surely is unique. This essentially is a no-nonsense and nothing sophisticated 4WD that gets you what you need. Period. It does not come with those sophisticated system or high-tech handling stuff that you usually see in most SUVs. In fact, this car is basic enough and yet gives you that extra something.

It sits 4 passengers comfortably and comes with standard power windows and air-conditioning with reasonable cargo space and such. Comes with the 1.3 liter VVT 4 cylinder engine which gets you up to 63kW and a 110Nm of maximum torque. The engine is paired with either a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic transmission gearbox. Controlling the car is easy and is at arm’s length with a button to activate its all-wheel drive system whenever you need to.

You get a 3 spoke steering wheel with a 2 speaker CD player. Typically, as mentioned this car sits 4 people comfortably although it’s a bit cramped up behind. Surely if you have seen the previous Jimny you will like its new design. Gone are the boxy designs on the body and in comes the more modern persona with nice curves around the car. It still looks similarly small with the 2 door standard being maintained. Otherwise, you would also appreciate its ‘outdoor’ ruggedness which seemed to be quite a nice touch.

Somehow, the Jimny seemed to have it all. A contemporary look with the off-road motifs. Integrate the two and you get an outdoor personality which is so often missing in recent models. You cannot help but compare this with the Land Rover and such and then you might also turn your focus on the Rav4 as well. It seemed a bit confusing but one thing for sure, it is on the better side of things.