Suzuki SX4 Sportback to appeal to new segment

If you like, the Sportback puts Suzuki on a serious route to ensure that they do not lose out in competition particularly with its recent resurgence in the market since the SX4 came about. For better or worse, it is pretty obvious that this is the car which will make people wonder if they have seen anything like it before. To date, reviews of Suzuki cars have been mixed where most are pretty positive, so the Sporback might not be any different.

It was originally intended by Suzuki to offer the Sportback as an all-wheel drive system but they shelved the idea after they conceptualized the SX4 Crossover, hence the Sportback now only comes with a front-wheel drive system. Essentially, the Sportback is pretty much an enhancement of the 2009 Suzuki SX4 Sport model which is naturally is a sedan version with a front-wheel drive system. Of course, you could safely assume that the Sportback is its hatchback variant with new additions.

The most significant addition apart from its body design would be the new automatic transmission gearbox. It would come with a new audio 6 disc changer system which plays MP3 and WMA CDs through its 8-speaker surround sound system. This means that you not only get speakers around you but a center channel speaker complete with a subwoofer. Apart from that, this also comes with their very own SuzukiTRIP navigation system, Garmin Nuvi 760 as well as Bluetooth phone capabilities as options, which was previously available in the Sport edition.

Under the hood, you get a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine which is capable of giving you 150 horses at 6,200rpm and a maximum torque of 140lb/ft at 3,500rpm. The CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) system is used to ensure that the best gear ratios are adopted as and when they are needed. It is also equipped with a manual 6 speed transmission mode which is powered through its shifter or the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.