Tan Chong rolls out the Nissan Sentra by Impul

Since the launch of the Nissan Sylphy, which supposedly was the replacement model of the Sentra, many have predicted that the latter would see its end of life but on the contrary it is still very much going on and going strong. At the moment, there are around 47,000 Sentras registered on Malaysian roads. This new model, where if Impul is mentioned will surely give the model and its owners a good ‘makeover’.

You will like its Impul inspired design around the car. A complete Aerokit designed by Impul is included where you will get a new front grille, a new rear wing, nice looking side skirts as well as front and rear bumper lips. On top of that, they have also included a new suspension sets to lower the car a bit (25mm) for better stability and performance. The Impul Blast II Exhaust Muffler greets you at the rear while a bronze finish Impul FS-16 alloy wheels are also cool and nice looking additions.

There will be 4 variants of the Nissan Sentra by Impul available where the entry level Impul Sentra 1.6L MT Comfort is priced at RM94,500 while for RM4,000 more, you can get the Impul Sentra 1.6L MT Luxury model. For RM98,600, you can buy the Impul Sentra 1.6L AT Comfort version while at the top of the range is the RM102,000 Impul Sentra 1.6L AT Luxury variant.

If you compare it with the stock version, the difference is quite substantial considering that it only cost RM86,750 for the standard Sentra 1.6 L MT comfort version. Paying an additional RM7,750 for the Impul parts and accessories might be a bit costly but it is still cheaper if you are going to ‘upgrade’ your Sentra to the Impul version by parts. For starters, the bodykit will cost you some RM3,000 while wheels alone will cost you RM4,000 already.