Tata to introduce new crossover, the Indicruz

There will be a few variants available including talks of an 8-seater in the pipes. Where the engines are coming from is still anyone’s guess but Fiat has since been mentioned. Otherwise, the Dicor 2.2 VGT would suit it just fine. Apparently, it was reported that the Indicruz crossover will be sharing its parts with the other products in the Tata lineup as the company is looking to make this its true-all rounder model.

There would most likely be some very good engines to begin with and based on the speculations and past records where they have purchased engines from Fiat, the 1.9MJT engine will most likely be used. This about 120-150 horsepower engine will most likely be the best one to be fitted into the Indicruz which would also provide an automatic transmission gearbox. The size of this car means that a 4WD version are also being considered. The design of the Indicruz essentially is typically a MUV and it is starting to ‘Europeanize’ their products as they start to look West in sending their exports.

One of the very significant elements of this car is that you can pretty much speculate that the Indicruz is going to give you the best of what it can combine and assemble. With the engine most likely coming from Fiat, the design made for the European market and the more cost-economical parts sourced by numerous sources, Tata is set to create another model which will definitely continue their revolutionary presence in the automotive industry.