Team Empire aims to grab first place in MMER

Drivers of the team include Ahsraff Dewal, James Mitchell and Dennis Lian, who were also the same team last year. They will be taking turns to try and win the A1 class this time around after failing in last year’s 263 lap race.

Ashraff said “That’s racing, anything could happen especially in an endurance race. Even by changing to new studs on every tyre change we found that it could not take the stress of racing so we learned our lesson and this time we are sticking with the original studs that is proven to last.”

This time around, the team comes more equipped and upgraded where they tested out their GT4 class machine with increased horsepowers and sequential gear system, which was built by the students from Malaysia’s own TOC (The Otomotive College) who goes through practical training with the team. Ashraff added that “It’s just to check how the newly rebuilt engine runs and some practice for the pitcrew at the same time. We believe in nurturing new talents along the way and this is one of the ways we can help the community and usually they become like family to the team afterwards.”

“It’s not a learning curve for us anymore as we already driven the car with the current configuration in a race before, we will take the class championship in MMER this year, I’m not too sure about the overall title though as that means fighting with the faster cars in class O but maybe podium at least. I support the move by SIC as looking from experience, the speed gap between us and the B and C class is already quite big, just imagine with speed gap with class O cars, bad things could happen at every overtaking move. This move also opens up new challenges as more teams with fast cars can participate like the Aston Martin cars. They will give us a good challenge but we are confident to be able to grab first in class.”