Team Lotus to go ahead when season kicks off

It seems that Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes’ Formula 1 team will get to use the Team Lotus name when the F1 World Championship kicks off in March. This came from the wake of the legal battle between the motor sports outfit with national car maker Proton Group Holdings, who owns the Lotus brand over who has the legal rights to use the ‘Lotus’ brand for the championship.

Proton has since pulled out from Fernandes’ team where they acquired the Renault F1 team and will be participating under the Lotus Renault F1 banner this coming season. Fernandes however acquired Team Lotus Ventures at the close of last season which he claimed hold the rights of the name ‘Team Lotus’ and hence they will be racing under that team name. The dispute has since been brought to the UK courts which set March 21 for a full trial. Until then, Fernandes is free to use ‘Team Lotus’.

He said that he is confident that the court would favour him in its ruling and that he is glad that the trial is being brought forward. The judge threw out the application from Group Lotus and Team Lotus is happy with the summary judgment application where they are now allowed to race under the new banner.