The 2009 Honda Civic 2.0 – As good as it gets

The newly designed body looks very similar to its original version and it might be hard to actually pin point to a specific feature which is different. But look at the car as a whole, take a few steps back and then start to appreciate its new design of its bumper, front lights, the grille and also the curves and you can tell that something is different. The thing is, you are not sure what and where to start. But you know for sure that things have changed around here.

The 2.0liter i-VTEC engine means that this car comes standard with a 155 horsepower engine which is strong enough to give you that ample push whenever you need. Of course you cannot compare to its racing variant (the Type R) which is way faster and fine-tuned for performance and speed that boosts out a roaring 220 odd horsepowers, but to say the least, 155 is more than you can handle, really. However, if you are thinking of a lesser powered version, you can opt for the 1.8 i-VTEC version, which gives you 140horses. The engine here is the DOHC one which, reportedly would be the last Civic to carry the system of which after this Honda has decided that it will fit in the SOHC 1.8 liter model for the future.

The engine is fitted into a 5 speed automatic gear box, which means that you can rest assure of an easy drive and responsive acceleration. On top of that, there is an ‘S’ mode which then allow you to use the paddle shifters which helps to save fuel, especially when you need to keep the gears locked on for a while. One thing for sure, the handling of the car comes up tops as with its previous versions and hence you can be sure of its stability and composure whenever you take bends and sharp curves along the roads.

Standard accessories in this car includes a superbly designed center position dashboard, which is easy to read and ergonomically viewed, an LCD-fitted MP3/CD player, and 17 inch alloy wheels while in terms of safety, the car comes with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and ABS, while dual SRS airbags are provided for the front as well as side airbags as well.

For the price, it is no wonder that Honda has elevated this model to almost the price of an Accord but to say the least, the Civic has, over the years established itself as one of the premium cars to grace any streets and as such, it would worth every sen, and as mentioned, it makes you want to sell everything and try to own one.