The 2009 Hyundai Tucson still misses the mark

As with most Hyundai cars, you will discover that while it is good value for money, they usually do not compare as well in terms of performance. This is most likely due to the fact that Hyundai cars tend to focus more on styling than performance, which could pretty much be their downfall sometimes.

To say the least, the Tucson comes in 3 different trims of which all comes either with front-wheels or four-wheel drives. The 3 trims are the GLS, the SE and the Limited Edition. This is one SUV which you will like to drive around the city as it is both economical and nice to maneuver. However, there seemed to be some who feels that being naturally an SUV, you should be able to bring it out towards the countryside, which if you do, the handling of the car leaves you much to be desired.

Of course, then there is the styling of the car, which on the outside is pretty much contemporary and has gone through vast improvements since the first version. Inside the car, well seriously, there should be more focus made here probably because of its ‘plasticy-ness’, which can sometimes be pretty annoying. Having said that, the rest of the systems are pretty standard with the MP3 enabled audio player with the navigation system all nicely fitted. To say the least, they are all easy to use and pretty fun to maneuver.

Safety features in the Tucson is pretty impressive as it comes across some crash tests with flying colours. The Tucson is fitted with traction control system, anti-skid, front and curtain side airbags, ABS on all 4 wheels with electronic brake-force distributions all within the regulations stipulated. However and whichever way you see it, the Tucson sounds big and tough but somehow it lacks that machoness which you would expect from a car like this.