The beautiful Bertone Nuccio concept coming to Geneva

News about the upcoming Geneva Motor Show is growing in numbers with manufacturers slated to show off their latest models, concepts and such at one of the most important automotive events of the year.


Set to be on show is the new Nuccio Concept by Stile Bertone. This super futuristic model will surely be the head-turner at the show especially with the spaceship like design which was drawn from the Lancia Stratos Zero Concept that was seen all the way back to 1970.

The Nuccio Concept is designed through the team lead by Mike Robinson, the design director of the styling house where it comes with a mid-engine setup which is expected to be a 4.3 liter V8 engine capable of boosting out some 483 horses. The concept’s name comes from the nickname of Guiseppe Bertone who is the son of the company’s founder Mr Giovanni Bertone. Guiseppe had took over the helm after World War II and has since moved the brand towards international recognition.

According to Robinson, the Nuccio is designed to be a modern, 2 seater sports car and it surely looks like one and it is not merely a modernized version of the 1970 concept because it is made with all factors considered which include the aerodynamics and the performance of the car. That’s why it comes with a low weight structure and high structural resistance as well as a tensile steel roof.