The BMW 325i, what a wonder!

Of course, if you can afford it, one can always opt for the sportier versions like the 320i Sports but this machine here really is sufficient to make you a proud BM 3 series owner.

One thing about the design of this car is that, it has been done with perfection. The Germans had always been articulate and careful with detail especially when it comes to their cars and hence, you can find the shying away from its earlier versions something you can appreciate. This is because the 325i really look way more aggressive than its earlier generations which are goes for a more elegant look and of course the more square-ish design 2 generations ago. This time around, you will find the curves somehow more refined and detailed.

As with a lot of its earlier version, the 3 Series line of cars do not produce space exorbitantly hence if you are a passenger in the backseat, you will find that it is comfortable enough to enjoy the ride but might not be to useful to stretch your feet and such. Then again, if you want a lot of leg room, get an MPV. The car comes standard with Bi-Xenon headlamps, LED indicator lights and keyless entry-and-go system.

This car comes with the straight 6 cylinder engine fitted with a six-speed automatic gearbox with Steptronic capabilities that gives you up to 230horsepowers. The very much renowned upgraded iDrive system is also put into this car with a clear 8.8 LCD display that shows you the maps around the country, our northern and southern neighbours as well as 8GB reserves space to store your music. All in, the iDrive gives you up to 80GB to pay with. There are also Bluetooth connectivity and another 2 USB ports to play your MP3 music. Whatever it is, you always count on the Germans to give you technology at its best, and while you might not experience the rush like you do in a sports car, you would enjoy the comfort of this ride for sure.