The Brabus Mercedes-Benz C200k is now available from Naza

If you already own a C200k W204 you can go for the upgrade kit from Naza-Brabus at RM54,000 but if you haven’t then you might want to consider buying the C200 from them and then upgrade the kit at RM9,000 less as incentive for your purchase. For the RM54,000 you will get some really cool additions like an exhaust system, an aero kit and alloy wheels. Note that they are not providing any modifications in the engine so as to keep the warranty policy intact. Hence, the whole re-design of the C200 are purely aesthetics and not much on the speed of the car.

The aero kit consists of new side skirts which lights up on the underside at night and a mini spoiler while changes are mad to give you new fog lights and a new bumper as well as a new high beam kit which glows and shine better. You also get some futuristic and sporty looks in the rear end where you tail pipes are now split into 4 channels of which not all are fully functional but definitely looks way more aggressive than the stock version.

The Brabus-designed 18 inch alloy rims do give this car an added stability and surely makes it look bigger than it is while the outstanding ‘B’ word pretty much will tell everyone what version your Benz is. As natural as this could be, you can easily spot a Brabus when you see one in and around the car. One thing for sure, the designers at Brabus are never short of telling everyone who they are as the ‘B’ emblem is seen throughout the car.

Although there really isn’t much to show in terms of speed and performance, this would otherwise be quite a nice car to have even if it comes in stock. One thing for sure, you can definitely expect a lot of turned heads if you are driving this machine. After all, underneath all the cosmetics and powder, it is still essentially a C200k Mercedes Benz.