The Civic Type R – the almost perfect fast car

The Type R was originally intended only for the serious speedsters who will take it down to the race tracks but recently, finding out how much the Civic owners appreciate the speed and the system of the engine, Honda is extending its technology for the enjoyment of anyone interested to feel the push and pull of the Type R.

Of course, if you have seen the real Type R before, it only provides you with the barest of equipments, which means you only get the seats, the roll bars and the main nucleus of it all, the engine and its handlings accessories. The one that you will be looking at when you buy one comes with all that a normal car would give you, audio system, air-conditioning and of course the safety features.

Honda Malaysia has brought in the fully CBU version from Japan and costing just shy of RM200,000, you will be sure to like the power of this car. You will surely appreciate the i-VTEC engine which boosts out a crazier than crazy 200 horsepowers without much effort. You only need to step on it. Fitted in the car is a 6 speed manual transmission gear box and Potenza RE070 tyres with bucket seats all put in to give you that racing feeling from the minute you start the engine. The car is also equipped with Brembo brakes which are top of its line so you need not worry about upgrades.

One thing about the Type R is that you can be sure of power and performance which leaves you purely satisfied. Its engine is the 2.0liter K20A i-VTEC engine which gives you 225 horsepower with 159lb ft of torque. The car gets you from zero to hundred in a mere 6.3seconds and can easily get you to a 240km/h top speed with ease. Standard features in this car includes a push start engine function, Type R tachometer on the dash, and the red light flashes to help you monitor your gear shifts.

Whatever the case, if you own one, you will know what it is like to get up to speed, if you don’t then you know you want to, if you are about to, then you will surely be like the kid waiting to unwrap his present. So hate it or love it, you will want it.