The future cars will hover above ground, like the VW Hover Car


This will surely be a car of the future when it gets into production and gets onto the roads.

Labelled as the first flying car of the 21st Century, it is the design brainchild of a contestant of the People’s Car Project by Volkswagen and it comes in the form of the Terrafugia Transition vehicle. In fact it is a road-legal aircraft instead of an air-legal car.

This cool looking and truly futuristic model is shaped like a disk and floats above the road through an electromagnetic field generated through the special road surface to keep the 2-seater afloat. To drive this machine, you use a joystick which is shaped like a mini version of the car where it makes it easy to manoeuvre towards the front, behind and from side to side too. There is a system installed that will scan the surroundings and if it detects any potential accident, it will take over the controls.

Despite its road-worthiness, it is still years ahead of its production as the world is surely not ready for this yet. But the same was said about hybrid and electric cars not too long ago and today, they are the major buzz words, so don’t discount the fact that it might just be hanging around the streets in the next couple of years.