The gigantic Lexus LX570

Your first impression of this car is that this car is one big off-loader machine. The people at Lexus has taken great lengths to ensure that the car goes with its branding as well as its significance so that if you are driving the car, it tells people that you have arrived. In a Lexus that is. The sheer size of this thing is impressive in itself.

Put it aside other SUVs like the X-Trail or the Hilux and the rest seemed to disappear into oblivion. But this is not about them, this is about the LX570. The design of the car exudes elegance and luxury and yet anyone how is doubt of how this car will handle and perform considering its size and height will have these doubts quashed once you step in.

One thing for sure, this car is not designed for its look. It is not one of those SUVs which perform well in the city but falter in harder terrains. It has all the elements which makes it a proper off-loader. On top of that, this car sits 7 adults comfortably amidst its leather bounded seats and some wood trimmings around the inside.

The seats are adjustable from the second row onwards. This is made specifically to free up room for the back seat passengers whenever needed. Should you be having a full car of passengers, the ceiling mounted air-conditioning vents will be more than enough for everyone, so you can rest assure of cool air whenever inside. Apart from that, you can share a drink or two with your friends and family because there is a chiller box in front.

Now for the engine. First things first, the thing about the LX570 is that the car is very fast. It top speeds at 220kph and gets you from zero to hundred in 7.4seconds. All this fitted within its 5.7liter V8 engine. This monster gives you up to 383 horsepowers and 520Nm of torque. Its gearbox is a 6 speed automatic transmission all moving in a smooth and quiet manner. Really, you can barely feel the gear change in this car.

If you must, this car is made for luxury and elegance. After all, a Lexus will never let you down in those areas. A 19 surround Mark Levinson audio system greets you when you switch the player on. 10 airbags around the car to give you added safety. On top of that, the L emblem at its front tells people, you have arrived. Its close to RM1 mil, mind you..