The Grand Picasso C4, where space and art convenes

And this is the case with Citroen. Now represented by Brooklands Motors, they have brought in the new C4 Grand Picasso. This is typically a 7 seater MPV and is a completely imported version. Coming directly from France, you would be surprised to know that it costs only RM168,000 which to a large extend is pretty cheap, if you consider the make and size of this machine.

If the name is anything to go by, it pretty much tells you everything you need to know. It is grand, that is in size and profile and the name Picasso, which is synonymous with art and artists, this car is beautifully crafted, designed and is a piece of artistry to begin with.

The sheer size of this car would have you impressed in the first instance. This is because of its naturally spacious MPV profile, you will find that space is in abundance here. No need to try and pack people in as you get more than enough leg room for all 7 people in the car. The great thing about the seats in this car is its versatility which means that you can split the seats, fold them to create more room as and when you like and the way you like it. It comes standard with leather covered seats except the third row which are usually used as and when it is needed, otherwise the space can be easily converted into more boot space.

The car comes standard equipped with 2.0 liter 143 horsepower engine and 200NM at 4,000rpm in torque powered up within its 4 speed automatic gearbox. The vehicle moves steadily and comfortably through its 17 inch alloy wheels which are fitted with Michelin Primacy tyres. Pretty impressive huh? Safety features in this beauty includes 7 airbags, ABS, ESP, EBD and EBA, which in this market segment is way more than most competitors.

There are others in this segment which you might believe to be cheaper and around the same capacity and with better services and such, but give the C4 Grand Picasso a drive as well as a closer look and you will be impressed, after all, this car makers are pioneers in various technologies didn’t they?