The GT-R does fire-fighting? Its not that hard to imagine

Nururgring GmbH, the company in charge of the circuit was delighted to welcome the fire-fighting machine which is fast enough to get to spots where fire broke out which although not common but do happen in times of accidents and crashes during races. The fact that the car can get to a specific spot at the shortest time possible means that it is now more efficient and faster whenever there is an emergency at the Nordschleife.

To begin with, the GT-R is famous for being able to take one lap in this circuit in a brief 7 minutes and 26 seconds. Of course that is far from the usual Formula 1 speed but is quick enough to be able to get to anywhere within the track in time. This version, however comes fitted with a complete fire extinguishing system coupled together with water and foam on board which is attached with a hose pipe. The boot size has been altered somewhat to fit in all 200kgs of equipments here and even with that, this machine still gets around the lap in less than 8 minutes, which is quite a remarkable feat.

This idea was mooted and designed by M&M Automotive, a motor sports and car development specialist based in Bonn where they, apart from just fitting in the fire fighting equipments, had also ensured that the car is stable enough and performs to its best by adding in roll cages in the back, replacing the 2 backseats. They have also fitted in a 501 water tank as well. That means that if needed the water is enough to fight fire for about 2 minutes boosted out through its 20 meter hose. If you must compare, apart from the fire extinguishers, this car is different from the stock version in terms of the new Recaro seats, the roll bar and the super-efficient radio communication system. Otherwise, the engine and such are pretty much the same.