The Honda CRV looking good

At RM147,800, the CRV is both affordable and economical. To begin with, you can choose 5 different colours to house the raunchy 2.0 liter 16 valve SOHC engine. This is also fitted with the i-VTEC power efficiency system which is actually a similar if not enhanced version of the 1.8 liter Honda Civic engine. Hence you can be sure that in terms of power and acceleration, this car gives you one hell of a ride. It boosts up to 150horsepower at 6,200rpm and 190Nm of torque at 4,200rpm. The car is also fitted with a 5 speed automatic transmission which can be pretty smooth during gear change. You can barely feel it to be honest.

While a DOHC engine gives you more horsepower, you would only feel it if you are driving at higher resolutions, hence a SOHC engine would be sufficient, especially if this is a SUV. the new double grille at the front means that the car looks a wee bit more modernistic. Honda has been pretty cautious about the CRV as it is more a family oriented car rather than an outdoor sort. Therefore you can be forgiven to feel that the CRV looks a bit more like a normal car than a typical SUV.

The CRV comes standard with 17 inch allow wheels and while this might be an all-wheel all time drive, it is quite an automated wheel control system. That means, in most cases, the front wheels are the active ones and when the speed between the front and rear wheels differentiates, then the rear wheels will be activated.

Inside the car, you get the more futuristic design instead of the lush, elegance look with most SUVs. The dashboard concedes a more minimalist 2 meter and middle digital information look while the CD player is housed in the middle with the air-conditioning buttons. In terms of space, well this car is meant for 5 passengers and hence would be able to sit all 5 pretty comfortably.

Safety features include 2 i-SRS (intelligent Sensor control) airbags in the front, G-Force Control system and ABS with EBD all fitted in nicely. The car is a comfortable ride where this is concerned and if you are a Honda follower and is considering an SUV, this car would definitely be your first choice, no doubt about that.