The Lancer Evolution-Speed whenever you need it

The latest edition of Lancer to hit our roads is the Lancer Evolution which looks quite similar to the Lancer 2.0GT except some minor aesthetical changes. Known to some as the Evo 10, whoever drives this car knows for a fact that this car is quick, responsive and powerful. After all, this is the Evolution we are talking about. One thing for sure, you can be almost certain that this acceleration is there, as and when you need it, period.

This machine is fitted with the all-aluminium 2.0 liter (the ever renowned) MIVEC engine with a 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox with dual clutch technology known as the Twin Clutch SST which runs up to 291 horsepowers. The gearbox is equipped to let you select between the 3 different modes which are Normal, Sports and Super Sports, pretty self-explanatory there.

The Lancer Evolution is a car that gives you some very crazy speed if you are one who appreciates it and where this is concerned, you will appreciate the Brembo calipers as well ashte Super All-Wheel Control system even more, all of which have been put into this car to give you the handling and performance from its wheels.

This machine costs you about RM320,000 and while most can tell you that for this price, you can easily get another car which might have better features, so our take on this is that the Lancer Evolution really is for the Lancer Evolution fans. This is as far as you can take and as far as Mitsubishi can take you for now. What happens next remains to be seen. For the price stated, you get the low profile 245/40/R18 tyres which handles extremely well. Of course, you are seated comfortably on the Recaro seats, hence you can barely feel the inertia.

Apart from that, thrown into this car includes a 650W amplifier which boosts out 9 speakers in the Rockford Fosgate premium audio, bi-xenon headlights, sunroof, 7 airbags and the keyless entry-and-go system as well. Perhaps it is the trend and maybe they are just used to it, but costing almost double of the Lancer GT, some might ‘attempt’ to make it look like the Evo, but as always, only the genuine ones know the genuine cars (Evos).