The limited edition Smart ForTwo Lightshine edition is just, plain smart

Well, the Smart cars had never really strike a permanent impression with us Malaysians probably due to the maintenance and size of it, especially its smart fortwo model. While the brand don’t really have much of a presence here in our roads, the brand has been steadily developing throughout and has since released a new special limited edition called the Lightshine edition.

This special model comes with a combination of light green and matte body panels with nice looking LED daytime running lights. It is based on the passion coupe model which comes with a lot more enhancements both inside and outside of the car. The company announced that they will only be making 86 units (thereby the limited edition-ness) and this is what they claims to be the CO2 world champion for vehicles using combustion engines.

In the United Kingdom, they will be selling the limited edition for £11,405.The smart (no pun intended) looking body work outside is made based on the standard colour coded front and rear aprons as well as the filler cap and the side skirts too. However, as mentioned, the body colour, the LEDs, the ‘lightshine badging’, the colour coded headlamp bezels and the new 3 double spoke alloy wheels are made only for this edition to ensure its exclusivity.

According to Gary Savage, the Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars, the parent company of the Smart brand, the 86 units are made only for the UK, powered up by the 54 horses cdi engine mated with the Softip transmission gearbox which emits only 86g/km of CO2. Now that surely won’t be overclaiming in any way as it is the lowest in terms of combustion in any car.

A new high line navigation system is also fitted in this model with a new touch screen which is larger than the current version while and iPod interface is integrated to the CD/DVD/SD player. On top of that, you will also get paddle shifters and ‘lightshine’ logo attached floor mats too. Savage also said that this version was made to offer their customers an eye-catching style, comfort and environmentally compatibility. This, he said would be ideal for their customers who are looking for a car which offers them a unique and entertaining driving experience.