The Mercedes Benz A Class Special Edition

So far, almost 2 million drivers of the A Class would more than happy to testify just how good and satisfied they are with their vehicles and enhancements to this model would only bring cheers and welcome more to opt for it, more so the special edition version would mean that production is limited, so owning any of the 5500 units would be a privilege.

Standing features of the Special Edition model are its black radiator louvers, the 9 spoke alloy rims in its 16 inch titanium body and fog lamps as well as your free will to choose the colour of the metallic paint you like. You will easily spot the SE version once inside the car where the 2 tone color scheme will definitely be eye-candyful. Coloured in black and grey, it makes driving so much more fun. As if to constantly remind the driver and the passengers, look down on the floor mat and the ‘Special Edition’ pretty much tells you where you are.

The audio system comes with Bluetooth capabilities which solves a lot of connection issues. Automatic features in this class include the rain sensors, dimming rear-view mirror, reading lights and such are also nicely fitted in while the seat cushion are angle adjustable while front passengers can also customize the height of the seat.

Whatever the reason, getting your hands on the Special Edition is something which you will not regret, after all, the ‘Special Edition’ badge on the outside makes you feel special enough already.