The Mercedes SL350 – For the young and stylish

The Sport 2 door coupe produced by Mercedes Benz had often been the benchmark of sheer class, we got to say. No matter whichever way you see it, the people at Mercedes had always ensured the highest quality in its cars, what with if they are going to produce a sports version as the bar for others to follow. And the SL350 does just that, albeit perfectly.

This car reflects the ultimate prize for anyone who rewards yourself for working so hard. Otherwise, you could just be one who is in for luxury, a fast moving lifestyle and lots and lots of charisma. The SL350 looks and feels just that. The SL series was first introduced in 1954 when the 300SL first made its debut. After that, it continue to be part of the Mercedes family and to what you have today, the wing-styled door opening remains its trademark. The latest version of this Gullwing is a 3.5liter V6 engine that boosts out 316 horsepowers. Imagine that.

The interiors have all gone through total re-designs and hence you can be sure to notice some very major changes, from the dashboard to the meters and the steering wheel as well as the seats. Generally, alike any other Mercedes machines, you can be sure to find leather upholstery with wood trimmings all around.

Standard fittings in around the car includes the bi-xenon lights, GPS navigation system, Keyless-Go system, a CD/DVD changer with a LCD screen all connected through its Harmon Kardon surround sound system. All the above are fitted in and runs on its 18” Pirelli tyres which gives you grip, handling and performance all roll into one.

The thing is, this car is fast and top notch. No other car around this segment would come this close to the SL350. So for the price of almost RM1million (RM999,888 to be exact) you are actually riding on a RM1million machine. so you gotta start feeling like one. This is the ultimate style vehicle if that is what you are and what you are looking for.