The new BMW Z4 is mean and stylish

Of course, being a new version, there has been some re-designs as well. You can instantly notice the nicer looking curves in and around the car. You will like the design of this car, more so when the hood is up. When sitting inside, you will appreciate the elegant design of its interiors as well as the more all round visual.

Where power and performance are concerned, the sDrive23i is fitted with a 2.5liter, 6 cylinder N52B25 which comes with a 6-speed automatic gear-box boosting out some 204 horses at 6,200rpm and torque of 250Nm at 2,950rpm. If that is not enough for you, get this, this mean roadster machine gets to a top speed of 239km/h and gets from zero to hundred in 7.3seconds. The other variant however, is a way more powerful version. This is where speed becomes the primary point. The 3.0 liter direct fuel injection system is equipped with the N54B30 twin turbo that comes with a 7-speed double clutch gearbox. If the sDrive23i impresses you, the sDrive35i gets you from zero to hundred in a whooping 5.3 seconds and is capable to get up to 250km/h top speed. Its capabilities, 306 horsepowers at 5,800rpm and torque of 400Nm from 1,300–5,000rpm.

The Z4 also comes fitted with the latest iDrive control system which comes with a high-resolution LCD display with 8 favourite buttons where you can control all the communication services as well as for navigation purposes. The Dynamic Control system is also fitted into this car where you can choose between the 3 different driving modes namely, Normal, Sport and Sport+. The sDrive35i costs RM558,800, while the other variant RM411,800 for the sDrive23i. BMW Malaysia provides service which include up to 3 years or 60,000kilometers coupled with repairs.

The difference between the 2 variants here are quite far, considering its features provided, really, if you are considering either one or another, unless you are pretty sure what you want, you would prefer the s35 but for about RM100k more, it kind of puts you off. But whatever the case, the Z4 is a great ride and one that will keep a lasting impression for sure.