The new Chrysler PT Cruiser maintains the ‘retro’ touch

If you are one who likes to own a wagon but would not like an overly huge car, then this car is ideal. And small wagon segment is not over infested with competitors. The retro look of this car gives you something to be excited about. Many critics believed that this car would not have what it takes to get far, but it stood through the test of time and is one of the best selling models ever since.

The PT has had various so-called ‘additions’ including the GT and the convertible which have both since been discontinued hence you get the standard PT Cruiser today which to a large extent is good enough. In terms of its design, due to the fact that its retro-ness has been one of its most attractive factors, Chrysler did not go out and gave you a whole new look, instead decided to keep them in order to continuously milking it.

This car sits 5 adults comfortably. There are in total 3 trim models namely, the base, the Touring and the Limited Editions respectively. The Base and Touring models come with 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engines which gives you up to 150 horses while the Limited Edition gets you another 30 horses with its turbo-charged engine. if you take the Base model, you can choose either the 5 speed manual or the 4 speed automatic transmissions while the Touring and Limited editions are available in automatic only.

In terms of accessories, you will get 15 inch wheels, keyless entry, CD player on the base, 16 inch alloy wheels, fold-down front seats, power driver seats and mirrors, cruise control on the Touring while the top of the range Limited edition gets you 17 inch alloy wheels, touring suspension, sunroof and leather upholstery.

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