The new facelifted Mazda 5 MPV

The facelifted version comes fitted with some new novelties which are pretty cool and looks better than its previous version really. Unless you are a keen follower of the Mazda car, you might not be able to tell the differences. But if you are, then you would be happy to find that the car has improved both in performance as well as aesthetically.

To begin with, the Mazda 5 MPV comes fitted with the new 2.0 liter MZR engine which is also equipped with the S-VT Variable Valve Timing. If you opt for the manual version, then you will get the 6 speed gear box while the automatic gives you the 5-speed gearbox. You will also be glad to find that this new model comes with some very nice new front dampers with a new multi-resonator as well which is fitted for a quieter drive. The front part of the car now looks a bit more stylish with its Vshaped grille.

The nose that points downwards give you the impression that the car is lower as compared to the 2006 version which can be quite deceiving because this is an MPV which is taller than sedan cars. If you like, there are also the auto-levelling xenon headlamps which comes as optional accessories. Inside the car, you will be glad to find that it has all the things you need to enjoy a ride with your family. The 6 CD changer and its DVD navigation system is one which provides the in-car entertainment for the whole family.

To get into the car, you can use the automatic sliding door which takes less than 5 seconds. Of course, naturally the MPV gives you lots of space which are both abundant and practical. There is more than enough space here to sit 7 adults comfortably and with the adjustable and customizable seats, you will enjoy every bit of this Karakuri seating and storage system. all in all, the Mazda 5 is a great to drive MPV and would be quite a choice among many who can afford because at about RM150k, it is a bit on the high side.