The new R280R Mercedes Benz gives you the best of everything

If you like, this car looks more like a wagon than an SUV. To be honest, my first impression of this car is that it seemed like an elevated Mistubishi Pajero Sport but looks every bit like a Mercedes. But whatever it is, a Benz is a Benz, hence you will be part of the community who owns an up market car with this one. As a matter of fact, you own quite a unique version of the German car brand.

Well, if you consider the fact that this is a 3 row seater car, then your preconception would be that this car needs to be big, and big it is. Whether or not you like it in 3 rows or not, you will surely like the space in this one. Fold down the third row of seats and you get a very big sedan space within. Be sure that this car is nothing less than what it promotes. From the way it has been designed, you will be sure to like the fact that this car do give the BMW X6 a run for its money. That’s probably because it is big but performs nothing less than excellent. The 24 valve, 6 cylinder 3.0 liter engine means that you will have at your mercy the power you crave. The most important thing about cars these sizes are that it must be able to fulfill their part of the bargain. This means, it must be able to perform to its level best because of the size. If size is big, so must be the performance. The long wheelbase and its rear wheel drive system means that they the R280R will surely run to its tip-top.

Of course, if you are to pay almost half a million Ringgit (it should be about RM460,000) for this, it has beeter be good enough, if not almost perfect. The car comes equipped with a 7 gear automatic transmission gearbox (which they named as 7G0Tronic). Other cool stuff here include a GPS system, rear and forward sensors, a sunroof as well as Mercedes Benz’s standard equipments which you will surely like. This surely is a case of ‘Size Does Matter’.