The New RM97k Toyota Prius C now availabel in Malaysia

After the long wait and crazy anticipation, UMW Toyota Motor has launched the new Toyota Prius C and the RM97,000 price tag will surely be an exciting option if you are planning to own a Prius.


The Prius C which is known as the Aqua in its native land in Japan would be the cheapest hybrid car in the market here where it is only RM1k cheaper than the Honda Insight.

Set to compete against the Insight, the Prius C comes with a full hybrid system, very much the same found in the older sibling which is the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive and is powered up with a 1.5 lier petrol engine which is the same one fitted in the Toyota Vios while the electric motor uses the revolutionary Atkinson cycle that gives it a 61PS push on its 144 volt Ni-Mh battery pack.

The front wheel drive vehicle comes with a CVT transmission gearbox and you can choose between the 3 driving modes available namely Normal, ECO and EV where the ECO mode gets you a combination of both worlds while the EV is when you drive up to 45km/h purely on battery power. Comparatively, the Prius C is smaller than the Honda Insight while the insides are slightly different from the original Prius as well. Technology wise, you get the Tracton Control, the Vehicle Stability Control, ABS, EBD as well as 5 colours to choose from.