The stylish Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet convertible

The Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet II is priced at RM236,042, hence it is not a car which is falls under the ‘affordable’ bracket, but then again a continental car is always something which is priced a little overboard with more features to offer than you can expect. Really.

The Renault Megane did come earlier with its hatchback versions and this one is a class on its own. The technology is of course French and it is supposedly the first automated retractable glass roof in the world which fastens or locks itself up in something around 22 seconds. The car is boosted with a 135 horsepower engine in its 2.0 liter 16 valve engine and 191Nm of torque. It is also powered through its Variable Valve Timing system which takes you from zero to hundred in 11.5 seconds.

One thing about this car is that Renault being Renault never compromise when it comes to the drive itself no matter how stylish or un-stylish the vehicle can be. Hence you can be sure that the car will not likely to understeer or oversteer in situations when some Japanese cars do. Space-wise, this car being a Sedan in nature do give you quite a lot of legroom to begin with, but of course if you are to put in 5 adults then it might feel a bit cramped.

Inside the car, the design is pretty ‘fun’ and ‘hip’ with a lot of rubber instead of the more elegantly preferred leather and wood trimmings. Other features include a climate control function, cruise control, electric stability, traction control and emergency brake assist.

One of the few setbacks of driving a convertible is that you will have to compromise on bootspace as well as safety issues to contend with as Malaysian drivers are known to throw things out of their windows while driving. So unless you are pretty confident, driving with the top down do have its risks. Apart from that, this car really is stylish and cool, especially when you are driving with the top down, it is definitely a ‘looker’.