The World comes to Sepang!

If past seasons are anything to go by, you can expect an explosive race when the Formula 1 season continues at our shores in Sepang this weekend. This is where you can expect the hot and cold weather to play a vital part in determining the outcome of the race. Who could forget that one time when the race had to be stopped as the rain was pouring down so heavily that it was getting unsafe to continue. But like always, it would be very hot and the temperature on the track could get up to 50C and then the forecast did mention that there could be rain as well. And if that happens, then the temperature would surely go higher as it tends to be hotter after a shower.

But the weather is not the only star of the day as there would be a lot of mini-battles among the teams, particularly from the Malaysian linked teams. More on that later but let’s look at the battle for top spot first because the limelight is surely on whether Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull Racing team could repeat their 1-2 podium finish last time around. Coming up close this year would be the Ferrari team which wants to better last season’s disappointing end when Fernando Alonso almost nearly managed to pip Vettel for the world championship crown.

Now to the midfields. This is where it is interesting. The 3 Malaysian-linked teams would want to put up a good show at its ‘home race’ and it will be bragging rights to whoever come out tops. On paper, it would be Petronas Mercedes team with Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg behind the wheels who will most likely finish at least in the top 10. But Proton’s move to acquire Renault F1 has paid dividends after its driver Vitaly Petrov took home third in Australia. So Renault would have a good chance of doing better than the German team this time. And then there is the Team Lotus led by Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes who claims that only Team Lotus has truly ‘Malaysian blood’ in it. They might not be about to do any better than Mercedes or Renault but surely they want to show that they are capable of doing well after all the money spent and the off track battles with Proton over the ‘Lotus’ naming rights, it surely is a race to look forward to. So Gentlemen…. Start your engines..