The X-1 Mustang gives you a feel of jetfighters

Since then, both the Mustang and the Vapor have been driven around across the country since May under the 2009 Super Car Tour umbrella and part of the objective is to show the American youth the available opportunities in the mechanical and technical areas in the force. The X-1 started off from a typical 2009 Ford Mustang GT and was given a facelift by the folks at Galpin which changed the original white with matte-peralescent coat as well the cool looking cockpit in the middle of the car. This cock-pit, very much alike the functions in a typical jet fighter is made out of a driver-ejection seat, a flight stick as well as some very sophisticated equipments. The control panel is accessed using a touch screen monitor.

The design of this car is definitely futuristic with its vertical doors, motorized steering wheel and some cool additions and technology from the USAF. The car is powered through with its 4.6 liter V8 engine and customized airflow and breathing system as well. Most of those which are fitted in the X-1 looks and feel like a jet fighter, in fact it gives you the impression that this is a jet fighter on land. The only thing which it does not have, which a jet fighter do is the horsepowers, which is 500, a far cry from the real deal, but far better than any cars on the road.

Galpin Auto Sports, which is based in South California has long been associated with making radical changes to vehicles and is renowned for its one-off designs. Apart from the Vapor and the X-1, they have also been previously linked with more ‘commercial’ projects like MTV’s own “Pimp My Ride”, and more significantly , the KITT character in the 2008 television series “Knight Rider”. Typically, the X-1 is to give the people a look and feel of a jet fighter and with an initiative as cool as this, you can bet that interest will surely sky-rocket.