The yet-to-be-released new BMW X3 is coming with a reputation

This would essentially be a 5 door wagon, 5 seater, 4 wheel drive version which comes with a 3.0 liter turbocharged and intercooled 24-valve inline 6 DOHC car. The engine is mated with an 8 speed automatic with manumatic shifting gearbox which boost out some 300 horsepowers. It gets you only 5.4 seconds to get from zero to hundred.

As most of you might recall, the first X3 versions had suspensions which came with criticisms for being too hard and that the rear passengers were not comfortable. Enhancements were made to the X3 and even with that, it is still the least liked version in the X product line. Heinz Krusche, the head of chassis development in BMW said that the new X3 is designed to ensure that the experience is better and more comfortable for all passengers as well as to maintain the high quality of a BMW car.

The new X3 is due to be launched next year where it will be ‘borrowing’ quite a lot of features from its more successful and widely popular sibling, the X5. You can imagine the huge X5 in this SUV which is smaller. It comes with a new front where the grilles bear the BMW DNA all over.

The model would most likely come with the ‘Adaptive Drive’ system and will be way more comfortable than its predecessors. It is also way more spacious than the outgoing model where performance and handling have been given upgrades to give the driver a better experience especially when you are cruising at high speed and taking on bends. A Sport+ mode is included for you to turn off the traction control and then direct the torque towards the rear tyres. The new X3 will be manufactured in South Carolina’s Spartanburg plant instead of in Graz in Austria where the previous model was built. The Spartanburg plant also produces the X5 and X6 respectively.