Third generation of Fiat Panda to see the light later this month

One thing about Fiat cars is that, you either love it or you don’t. But in most cases, you will somehow have a soft spot for it.
This is because Fiat cars always look very good and it is always the fact that it is a continental brand which puts off some Malaysian drivers. However, given the current situation where brands like Peugeot, Renault and such re-establishing their brand images here in our market, the new Fiat Panda will surely be quite a hit pretty soon.

And the timing is just right as Fiat is gearing up for the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show to launch their third generation of the Panda. This will be a bigger model which will be replacing the current model where it will come with daytime running lights, pretty much the current trend these days. The Panda, if you haven’t already know is quite the rejuvenator model for Fiat in recent years and it has now reached ‘full maturity’ will be fitted with a 1.2 liter engine while they are also planning a 1.3 diesel version. If you are in for the spin, then the 875cc version will be available with a turbo intact. Introduced in 1980, they have since rolled out 6.5 million Pandas and with what is being offered, they are set to continue this success after its official launch.