Time to buckle behind as rear seatbelt law is now enforced

If you haven’t already known, the rear seat belt law has already been enforced starting January 1, 2012.

The compulsory usage of the belts was made law back in 2009 but as there were many older models which were not fitted with rear seat belts then, the law was relaxed and a grace period of 3 years were given for those of you who drove the old Peroduas and Protons to get them fitted. The manufacturers too agreed to provide the fitting of rear seat belts for free.

That means starting this year, the rear passengers will have to buckle up or you will be issued a summons. According to local manufacturers like Perodua, only 43% of their older models have been fitted despite them being offered for free. According to some, it is a typical behavior of Malaysians who usually wait until the last minute just like the outstanding summons issue.

Proton on the other hand has announced that they will extending their offer where you still can have your old Protons fitted with the rear seat belts until the end of January. This is because of the 225,930 affected cars, only 17% of them have come forward to put them in and are urging those who have to do so to make sure they do to avoid problems with the law later where you will be liable to a RM300 fine.