Top 5 MPVs in Malaysia

The MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle has been extremely popular in recent years especially with its larger space and ability to carry more passengers at any time. In Malaysia in particular, car manufacturers have been rolling out their own versions of MPVs although some are a lot more expensive. So if it is space and price you are concerned about, we list out the top 5.

The most value for money MPV would be the Perodua Alza. At less then RM60,000, Perodua surely had it all figured out with this one. It is the cheapest of the lot and is fuel-economical too. With its 3-years warranty, this MPV is surely the runaway winner although you might have to compromise in terms of space once you put the third row down.

Perodua’s direct competitor in this one would be Proton with their own Exora. This is a much larger vehicle as compared to the Alza and surely handles better considering its size. With more headroom, legroom and room for everyone, the Exora is priced from RM80,000.

Coming in third is the Toyota Avanza which has been one of the best selling MPVs for many years since it was launched. This is perhaps the most value-for-money MPV if you are one who is a big fan of Toyota vehicles. However, you should know that it is actually produced locally through the Perodua plant with the price tag from RM65,000. If you are looking for a no nonsense hard-worker, the Avanza would be your best bet.

For those who can afford to breach the 100k level, then you can consider the Peugeot 5008 which is one of the best buys among the many continental brands. It is robust and very reliable while being Peugeot, you can expect comfort and safety to be the main focus. Price for this vehicle starts from RM160,000 while the RM245,000 priced Volkswagen Sharan is the top model in this list. Good performance, good drive and a high price tag too.

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