Top 6 Fuel-economical cars in Malaysia

When it comes to cars, not everything that is cheap is good. With the rising cost of petrol, the main issue is to find a car with the best fuel consumption instead of one which is cheap. In an ideal world, hybrid or electric cars would be most fuel economical but not everyone can afford such cars which are at least RM100k or about the same bracket. So which cars should you consider without having to pay too much for petrol all the time?

Mitsubishi Mirage – At just over RM60k, this car might be a bit too small if you have a family. It runs for about 5.5 liters per 100kms but the size might be more suitable for the young and professionals which actually is the target market.

Honda Jazz – This model is among the popular of the young and professionals too. Its slightly more than RM70k and drinks about 7 liters per 100 kms. This hatchback from Honda has a motto to be ‘big on the inside’ and you will find that although it is quite spacious for a small vehicle like this, it might not be in everyone’s list in terms of space.

Toyota Vios – This is one of the best selling cars in Malaysia. The price point for the entry level model is about the same as the Jazz and it takes up about 7 liters per 100kms as well. However, the Vios is larger and more preferred among families. Among all the cars available, the Vios is known to be one of the most practical models.

Honda City – The direct competitor to the Toyota Vios in every way. Its latest model has been making waves in the market. Starting form RM83k, it goes up to RM90k and has the same fuel consumption with the Vios and its sibling, the Jazz. It must be noted that of all the models currently available, the Honda City is one of the most economical and popular models around.

Toyota Prius C – This hybrid is perhaps one of the best choices in this class. It is about RM95k and uses only 4.5 liters per 100kms. But then, it is a Prius and the C is the smaller sibling of the internationally popular Toyota Prius. There is a reason why it is the “Best Sub-compact Hybrid for the Money” in 2013.

Mitsubishi Attrage – When it was reported, not many believed it but the latest model to come out of Mitsubishi Malaysia actually drinks only 4.7 liter per 100kms. This means that it is almost the same as the Prius C which tells a lot. It might not be the best bet for a family but it has enough space to fit 3 to 4 people comfortably. The range is between RM59k and RM75k depending on the trim levels but this CKD model is surely one that will raise eyebrows in the market.