Top 6 Most Important Features of the Modern Car

Car manufacturers have been competing at the breathtaking speed over who can give the most at the most affordable price. Consumers have been spoilt for choice in terms of which car to buy as all manufacturers are offering their own set of ‘attractions’. So what are the features that are most enticing, we outline the top 6 most attractive ones.

Safety – Safety has taken the main driver’s seat today as most cars come with a list of acronyms like EBD, ABS, ISOFIX and all that. The rule of thumb is that the more the acronyms the better. The car salesman will explain in detail on what they are but it simply means your car is more protected. In terms of airbags, the same ruling applies where the more you have the better it is.

Keyless entry – This used to come only in luxury cars like the Volvos, the BMWs and the Benzs but keyless entry is now fitted into entry level cars like the Honda City and Kia Forte. In most cases, a keyless entry system comes with the engine start/stop button which is quite a mainstay. After all, it is about convenience isn’t it?

Reverse Camera – This is a must-have for large cars like the Toyota Innova, the Chevrolet Nabira but with almost every sedan car being fitted with a multimedia touch-screen system, using it for the reverse camera will be just perfect. After all, it is all about safety as you can never see if there is a small child directly behind your car.

Steering-mounted buttons – There was a time when the buttons on the steering wheel was not popular but it has come back into style today with volume and audio controls and even paddle-shifters. This is due to the rise of smartphones which has increased the use of handsfree devices and even for cruise control.

Lighting – Believe it or not, we are now using daytime running lights as nighttime illumination is not enough. Most new models come with LED daytime running lights which do not consumer a lot energy but bright enough for city driving which can help a lot in helping you see what is in front while exuding the style of the modern vehicle.