Top down on the Mini Cooper S is the way to go

The re-designed, high performance model seeks to give you the additional push on its own as one of the premium and modern open top cars in its bracket. Seriously, it is hard to point a finger as to who really comes close and with this car rolled out, it makes the comparison way harder. In terms of engines, the Cooper is quite standard. This is where you get either the base or the Copper S variants which are all fitted with its 1.6liter 4 cylinder engines. Whether it is convertible, hatchback or the Clubmans, you get up to 118 horses while the S comes with 172 all fitted with 6 speed automatic or manual gear transmission gearboxes.

The double ended tail pipes are still intact and standard with its surround audio system and the single speedometer fitted nicely in the center for attraction and attention purposes. One thing for sure, the distinctive ‘S’ can be seen and you can clearly identify its differences with the base model although usually you only feel it if you are stepping on the gas. For colour and matching purposes, the iconic 2 stripes on the hood are black to complement the contrast of the car.

This car is designed based on the second-generation hatchback and some minor alterations here and there. Typically, the car gets you from zero to hundred in about a little over 7 seconds. Seriously, this car looks way better with the top down then when it is fully covered and it gets you up and running pretty quickly too especially if you are used to the non-convertible variants.

As mentioned, the Convertible version comes with 2 variants in its engine which is the base and the Cooper S versions respectively although news had it that a John Cooper Works are in the lineup as well. So far no news have been released on whether it will arrive at our shores although it would be a great addition if it does.

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