Toyota Camry Hybrid rolling out soon

You can most likely expect a new grille and rear tail lamp in the new facelift but essentially it would look similar to the latest facelift of the Camry standard. According to Mitsuhiro Sonoda, the president of Toyota Motor Thailand, the car’s pricing will be somewhat similar to that of the standard Camry which is petrol-powered currently on sale. In Thailand, the government is looking to encourage hybrid car sales by imposing only a 10% excise duty as compared to normal cars which carry 35%. This means that the Hybrid will most likely go for about T1.8 million Baht, somewhere close to the range of the top range Camry 2.4 which is sold for 1.7million.

Apparently, the Hybrid will come with a 5 year or 150,000 kilometers warranty, a far cry from its predecessor of which it comes with a standard 3 years warranty, a common practice in Thailand. If the earlier version is anything to go by, the new version will most likely emulate the engine power of the US version which comes with a 147 horsepowers at 6,000rpm and 18Nm of torque at 4,400rpm.

With green technology on the rise and increasing price of petrol, this would be the way of the future and with the Thailand producing such a top of the range Hybrid, it will not be a wonder when this car makes it way into all its neighbouring countries, most likely to start with the closest one, Malaysia.