Toyota drops to third as GM is largest automaker for 2011


This year has been quite a turbulent year for the Japanese carmakers what with the earthquake that hit Japan earlier in the year that caused much disruption to production and supply.

The flood crisis in Thailand also created more problems for the automakers who had to halt production of certain models.

With all the problems and restrictions that happened, the world’s largest automaker Toyota is set to lose their lead in the automotive market and according to speculations and reports, the company which is set to take over from Toyota for 2011 would be the comeback story of American giant, GM or General Motors.

If you haven’t already know, Toyota has been the leader for 3 years now but latest reports show that they will be down to the third spot when the year come to a close where German giant, VW (Volkswagen) is set to take second spot who sold 6.17 million units from January to September which is a 14% growth while Toyota’s sales dropped to 9% for the same period. The Thai floods affected the market in the preceding 2 months and that will surely stop Toyota from improving on their figures this year.

Korean car giant, Hyundai also look set to move forward with promising numbers coming in from its key markets that include the United States and China.