Toyota gives the Avanza another facelift in the Type G A/T Auto

It all started with the 1.3 version of the Toyota Avanza and then they decided to bring in the 1.5 liter version which gave them a better standing among competitors. In fact, before the advent of the Proton Exora and the recently launched Perodua Alza (which uses the same engine), there weren’t many who were competing in this segment.

Hence Toyota had recently launched a new version of the economical 7 seater MPV. Calling it the Type G Auto, this is where they have changed the interface of driving the Avanza almost in every sense. To begin with, the gear level has been changed from the standard single line typeface to the more ‘locking’ mechanism.

Toyota had announced that they will most likely be launching this version at the upcoming Indian Auto Expo next year in January. The Avanza was designed based on the Daihatsu Xenia and they do actually look alike.

Do not expect the car to be a major puller as it is only meant to be a people mover. So far, it has only been able to be one of the more practical cars to drive and the 1.5 version has only given the buyers more choices in purchasing their MPVs. The new version, which is a facelift as there would be no changes made on its engine means that you can expect more from its looks.

As mentioned, the gear levels have been given a good looking change where instead of having to ‘check’ which gear you are in all the time, the gear is ‘locked’ into its mode which is pretty much similar to that which you see in the Toyota Vios. Under the hood, you will get the 3SZ-VE engine which gets you up to 107 horsepowers at 6,000rpm and 141Nm of torque at 4,400rpm. Pretty much the same as the previous model. As mentioned, don’t expect a fast acceleration with this one but always think practical and you will enjoy the Avanza’s ride thoroughly.