Toyota goes ‘old school’ with new Tundra Hot Rod

Toyota has positioned this new muscle machine as a “present day economical work truck could realistically be made into an American hot rod,” which means they are talking about the American market. There would be no 2 ways about it. Its engine is a whooping 5.7 liter V8 motor mated with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox. There are various parts clad to its body like the aluminum side panels and the Fender guitars behind but the blaring flames are what makes this car stand out. It also comes with a Cherry Bomb exhaust system and up front you get Bonneville Moon Headlamps.

The interior is being fitted with the ‘Tuck and Roll’ persona which comes with its own headliner, brass coated control knobs as well as some really good looking benches. If you like, it also comes with the Toyota emblem used in the 1950s in front to give you that conventional look as well. Essentially, this car is ‘old school’ if it is anything to go by.

As if that is not enough, they have included the Fender Guitar into its design which supposedly should epitomize the typical American lifestyle of rock and roll. To this extent, it feels like the new Tundra might be overkilled as they try to Americanize it this much. Having said that, Toyota has also given the engine a strong push where they are not only promoting it as a hard working machine but one that plays hard as well.

From Sucker Punch Sally, they have integrated their flames, the hubcaps, exhaust, the emblem, carpets and such while Toyota ‘borrowed’ the Fender Guitar hand turned brass dashboard controls and Flamed maple wood flooring in truck bed form Fender. All in all, this car looks good to drive and while it might not be quite an icon or makes any impact here, it would surely do for American roads.