Toyota Japan launches the new Toyota Aqua hybrid


A month after it was first shown to the world at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has launched their new hybrid vehicle, the Aqua, which is very much the baseline model for the widely famed Prius.

This is actually the Japan version of the Toyota Prius C which will come in 3 variants namely the L, S and G respectively. Set for the Japan market, the new Aqua will be sold from Y1.69million which is slightly less than RM70k. The Toyota Prius C is typically the more stripped down version as compared to the established Prius standard and if it comes to our shores, it could well be competing with the likes of the Honda Insight.

It comes with a 1.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine which gets you up to 72 horses while the 45kW electric motor gets you another 26 horses. This will move the car from zero to hundred in 10.7 seconds and according to Toyota Japan, they are targeting to roll out 12,000 units each month and this would also come with a TRD model which is the sportier version that comes with bigger wheels, better suspension system and a nice looking body kit. There are 10 body colours to choose from while inside, there are 4 options namely the Natural Grey, Cool Blue, Earth Brown and Fresh Green.