Toyota recalls 4,500 Lexus in Japan

So far, there have been 12 complains in Japan which stated that there is a problem with the computerized system that controls the tyres through its steering wheels. The models which are said to be involved are the Lexus LX460, the LS 460L and the hybrid models of LS600h and LS600hL.

Recalls like these have not been the best ways for any car companies but it seemed to be quite a common practice recently which has dented the strong brand image of any brand. While Toyota is one of the worst hit, Honda too has been involved. Even supercar Porsche was not spared when they recalled their highly popular 4 door Panamera with a seat belt problem, but being a first timer and as a precautionary step, for Toyota it seemed to be a bigger problem as their track records have not been too positive after the recent recall involving millions of vehicles.

So far, no accidents have been recorded for the defect and it will now merely be a precautionary step taken by the automotive company after a series of recalls which are quickly damaging its brand image as well as customer confidence. It was reported hat Toyota had paid some USD16.38million fine which was imposed by US regulators with their Toyota Prius, their flagship hybrid model after it was revealed that they failed to notify the authorities of the problems with their accelerator problems.

The recall caused a major global recall of the highly popular model and is still tied down with numerous lawsuits that involved around 8 million Priuses around the world. The ‘sticky pedal’ problem as reported have in the United States alone caused more than 50 deaths where the car is said to launch into an ‘unintended acceleration’ behavior.