Toyota unveils 2012 Yaris Hybrid

If there is one automotive company who knows about hybrid cars, it would be Toyota and that is what they have done at the Geneva Motor Show where they unveiled their 2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid.


Meant to compete in the B-Segment hybrid sector for the European market, it comes with a 1.5 liter gasoline engine and together with the electric motor, you get up to 100 horses which comes with the revolutionary Atkinson-cycle engine.

This means that the compact car gets you the full hybrid technology vehicle, much like the Prius C (or Aqua) where it records only 79g/km of CO2 which is the best in its class. Fuel consumption in the Yaris hybrid is only at 3.51/100km. You will surely appreciate with the revolutionary Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive and it would surely be a great step forward for the company and particularly the Yaris which is the best-selling core model in Europe.

This will be the second core model that comes with the HSD after the Auris Hybrid. Apart from the extremely cool looking aerodynamics and the design, it also comes with LED lighting and a hybrid blue finish on the dashboard. You also get the Hybrid Energy Monitor as the CVT gear knob designed and made specifically for the hybrid operations. Current government incentives and rising demand for hybrid vehicles might just see this one coming our shores. So keep your fingers crossed people.