Toyota’s FCV-R Concept in Tokyo is a step closer to hydrogen vehicles reality

The highly anticipated Tokyo Motor Show got off with a big bang and it was the local boys who did their part in whipping up the colours.


The largest Japanese automaker Toyota went all out and their new FCV-R Concept was probably the most interesting model on display.

This would be one of the few concepts put up by TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation) and it supposedly is the Fuel Cell Vehicle (thereby the name FCV-R) where the R represents reality and revolution. The car will be powered up by hydrogen which means that they have pulled further in offering CO2 emission free vehicles with this one. If everything goes according to plan, it would start production in 2015 and that would surely be an interesting option then.

The fuel-cell unit will be fitted beneath the car and is designed to offer an abundant of space while seating 4 adults comfortably. Toyota is looking to position this model as a practical and family sized vehicle which measures at 4.7 meter long. The fuel cell stack is a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank which if powered up will get you up to almost 700 km. When it gets into production, it would surely change the world of motoring forever and for now, it is just a step nearer to materializing hydrogen powered vehicles.