‘Turunkan Harga Kereta’ campaign launched by PKR


This might be a long-shot but you can be pretty sure that price of cars would drop if the Pakatan Rakyat comes into power in the next general election.


The opposition front recently launched the ‘Turunkan Harga Kereta’ campaign which went viral and nationwide.

Some 50,000 vehicle stickers and flyers were distributed as part of the campaign and if you haven’t already know, the campaign is spearheaded by PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), one of the 3 main components of Pakatan (the other being DAP and PAS).

PKR has been talking about reducing the price of vehicles in Malaysia if Pakatan wins the next general election including revising the current AP (Approved Permit) for foreign cars issue. The campaign was launched together with the balik kampong exodus for the Hari Raya recently.

As mentioned, it might be a long shot as there are many other issues to contend with while the logo for the campaign was designed without any political elements in it. Essentially, it is call to reduce car prices which has been increasing all these years. So anyone, regardless of their political allegiance can join in the calls in this campaign. PKR recently promised to reduce the excise and import duties and sales tax for cars if they win and a complete revamp of the NAP (National Automotive Policy).